Philosophy of the European School Sports League


The European Schools Sports League exists in order to provide opportunities for Varsity teams in International schools located in Europe to meet in specified tournament activities on a competitive basis. Each school should work towards a common aim to achieve an efficient and well-balanced program that promotes healthy competition, sportsmanship, and full participation.


Institutions that are members of the European Schools Sports League have a rich history of opening doors for varsity students to be successful in their sports world. The schools that take part in this League believe it is very important that teamwork and sports fixtures are essential to develop human spirit. 

The main objective is to celebrate sport, friendship, culture, teamwork and to develop core athletic values through high level football and basketball. To promote competitive tournaments in two sports-football & basketball.

Our competitions:

Each year the tournaments change venue. This is to allow each member the opportunity to host such a large tournament at their school. It also allows the students to travel to different European International Schools.

  • A Football tournament every fall in late October to Mid November

  • A Basketball tournament in March every year.